Hawaii Debut EP “AlohaMan” by Akiramen

“This Music for those who love Hawaii”



1. Pineapple Rap

2. Aloha Oh Yeah!

3. Chee Hoo!

4. This is Molokai

Produced by Akiramen

Mix, Edited and Mastered by Imua Garza

Track by 4skoob (No.1), audioblocks (No.2~4)

Photography by Akiramen

 Akiramen a.k.a. Pineapple Man finally debuted. This rap is all about Hawaii.
You can buy the digital version from iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, Google Play etc.


 What is “AlohaMan”?


I made the EP, “AlohaMan”, hoping to be the person who can spread my Aloha to all over the world. I rap in English and Japanese to send my music to Hawaii’s people as well as Japanese.


(A famous Hawaiian musician, Imua Gara, helped my recording, mixing, editing and mastering)


1.Pineapple Rap Lyric

This song is the theme song of PineappleMan. I rap about Pineapple in English.

2. Aloha Oh Yeah! Lyric

This is my greeting with Aloha. I rap about why I like Hawaii so much.

3. Chee Hoo! Lyric

First time I hear “Chee Hoo” in Hawaii, I was wondering what Chee Hoo is. My local friend taught me how to say “Chee Hoo”, and I made this song from a perspective of Japanese. I love Cheeeee Hooooo!

4. This Is Molokai Lyric

I visited Molokai Island in 2016 and met a lot of considerate people full of Aloha, and I felt in love with Molokai. When I left Molokai, I made a song about Molokai for my Molokai’s aunties, including Molokai’s famous places where they took me to, and this song was born.

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